Air Conditioning Installation

Expert Installation, maintenance, service & repair

Refresh offers maintenance contracts as well as service and repair services to keep your air conditioning operating at 100% with minimal energy consumption.

Air conditioning is the future of climate control to reduce our carbon footprint. It has been used globally for a long time and is gaining lots of traction in the UK. The ease of use and energy efficiency of air conditioning are key in managing your workspace/business climate. We are seeing more and more domestic properties using air conditioning rather than conventional heating.

Here at Refresh, we have lots of experience working with bespoke air conditioning systems and can provide an accurate quotation for any installation. Quotations are free of charge.

Our highly skilled design engineer will provide you with any cooling solution to suit your specification, either essential or comfort cooling. We have many stealthy solutions for commercial or domestic properties if this is what you require.

Highly Skilled Design Engineers

Air conditioning is a ‘refreshing’ alternative to conventional heating.

Benefits of air conditioning over conventional heating:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Money-saving
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Cooling capabilities (as well as heating capabilities)
  • Convenience
  • Better air quality
  • Future proofing your business
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